We are your go-to team of safety and risk management advisors. TrendHR caters to your safety concerns.


Accidents will happen, but if you commit to providing a safe work environment for employees to reduce their exposed risk, you will also reduce the frequency of injuries. TrendHR’s safety programs decrease your liability and stabilizes your workers compensation costs. By providing your employees with a safety program and necessary training, we create a safe environment that maximizes productivity and reduces the cost of lost time and productivity due to workplace injuries.


By evaluating any hidden hazards and potential safety violations, we make sure your environment provides a safe and productive workplace for you and your employees. Our safety and risk management team provides an OSHA-compliant consultant available for your assistance.


Worksite Inspections

  • Safety Inspections
  • Offer Recommendations for Safety Conditions


Safety Program

  • Provide Safety Training
  • Create Safety Manuals
  • Assist With Safety Plans
  • Compile Employee Incentive Safety Programs


OSHA Compliance

  • Assist With OSHA Reviews and Reports
  • OSHA General Industry Course



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